Everything about catwalks and rehearsals involves a little bit of stress, but when the show goes on it feels nice and the spotlight makes you feel relevant.

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Everything about catwalks and rehearsals involves a little bit of stress, but when the show goes on it feels nice and the spotlight makes you feel relevant.

Hello! I am Francesca, I’ve become a model six years ago. I was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania. My personal interests include psychology, feminism, trying to make the world a better and inclusive place and, of course, coffee.

I’ve been passionate about psychology since I was a little girl and in the present I am a licensed clinical psychologist. I am a graduate student at the moment and I am studying for an MSc in Clinical Health Psychology. In the near future, I would also like to get an accredited postgraduate qualification in order to become a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist.


I became a model six years ago. I’ve always liked fashion and I’ve always been mesmerized by beautiful women on stage, billboards and magazines. They looked powerful and their attitude had an impact on me. When the MUR models scout approached me I decided to give modeling a try.

My first test shooting was nice and a little bit confusing. It was the first time when I was supposed to pose for the entire day on high heels. I was so tired but the feeling of being actually a model was so, so nice. Modeling makes me feel appreciated and resilient. It is also nice to be able to share the beauty of others minds.


I like it when I get along with people. I really like when the team is vocal about its preferences and people know how to use assertive communication. I am very receptive that’s why I appreciate when photographers give me the best indications and they make me feel relaxed. I also like it when good humor is involved. The funny thing about me is that I always make silly faces when photographers test the lights and they always make sure to keep those shots of me for some special occasions (e.g. my Birthdays).


Oh, backstage stories are from another world, literally. I’ve got a lock of my hair cut, once. It was caught in a zipper.  The designer felt bad about it but he didn’t care too much either. It made me mad but I also thought it was funny. I still have mixed feelings about that situation.


Everything about catwalks and rehearsals involves a little bit of stress, but when the show goes on it feels nice and the spotlight makes you feel relevant.


A cool backstage story for me it was when I had like 5 or 6 people trying to get me ready for the show when we were running out of time. Some helped me get dressed, someone was doing my make-up, someone was trying to put my shoes on, and someone else was doing my hair at the same time. I felt like a princess that time.

I have a long list of talented people and awesome brands I worked with and for: Andreea Oanța, Irina Dutu Zgaia, Cricss, Pimpi Smith, Mihaela Cirlugea, Bianca Popp, Ruma Zapatos, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Sarah Jessy Jones, Mario Karavasilis, Yvan Andreu, Petra Orha, Charles & Ron, Natalia Vasiliev, Tenue de Saf, Ștefania Borodi, Emma Viedma, Roxana Pîrvu, Provocative and Pilk, Simona Semen, Aleha Toncea, OMRA, Alexandra Calafeteanu, Livia Bordea, Raluca Constantin and Teilor.


My favorite female model is Adriana Lima and male, Jon Kortajarena.


I am a classic fashionista. I don’t really enjoy keeping up with new trends. I usually wear blazers, long coats, flared trousers, midi or maxi dresses and high heels. I usually stick to black, nude, pastel and sometimes red items.


I think social media started with good intentions but in the meantime it became an instrument of abuse and it is detrimental to mental and physical health.


Many people on social media try to post the perfect looks with the perfect life and others really believe it, feeling miserable because this is not what their own life looks like. I think some social media features should be restricted, like filters and access to information that is shared by people who don’t specialize in different relevant fields (e.g., influencers talking about medication, giving medical, psychological and legal advice etc.).


Nevertheless, if people would use it properly, social media could be a safe place for people by sharing important information about different aspects of life based on credible sources.


If I had a super power I would control everything I cannot control in real life. So, if I could control everything, I would get rid of injustice and all the bad that happens in life and heal all the wounds by giving everyone (including animals) the right to live a great, joyful, non-discriminatory life. I don’t have a favorite superhero. I think we can all act a little bit as superheroes if we care for each other and for our planet.


Model’s Style Description:


  • Dating: Vintage and romantic.
  • Love: Intense.
  • Sports: Complicated.
  • Your way to attract someone´s attention: Classic looks and smart conversations.
  • Your way to have fun: Spending quality time with my loved ones.
  • The places you usually go: University and the coffee shop.
  • Your way to enjoy the best of life: Being aware of myself and my surroundings by living in the moment.
  • The craziest (nastiest?) thing you’ve ever done in a summer time season: Partying with unknown people.
  • Fav body part and why: My eyes. I think they are very expressive.
  • Favorite singer: I don’t think I have any, I listen to different types of music.
  • Fav food: Pasta.
  • Your guilty pleasure: Fast food and sweets.
  • If you weren´t a model you´d be: Worthy and wealthy.
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