Tenacity and determination helped me overcome the challenges of life.

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Tenacity and determination helped me overcome the challenges of life.

Hello! I am proud to be part of the MUR family. My name is Denisa and I was born in Pitesti. My hobbies include reading and math, and I would describe myself as an ambitious, hardworking and empathetic person. Tenacity and determination helped me overcome the challenges of life.


I loved modeling ever since I was a child. I got some classes with a local agency and soon after MUR models scouted me while I was walking in a fashion show.


I was quite anxious before my first test shooting. The photographer took a time to talk to me first, explained to me what we were about to shoot, how to take control of my body and then all went natural.


Training to become a professional model and then working as a model made me a self-confident and self-conscious person. I think the best part of professional modeling is the opportunity to travel all over the world, experiencing different cultures and meeting talented people.


I always look for the story behind the shootings. I like to follow the mood board but I also add a little bit of my personality. The day before any project, I do my self-check. All models should have a self-check list. I won’t give you details, but being a model means lot of attention to the way you look. Then I do my online research related to the client, photographer and the rest of the team. Moreover, I must confess I follow a list of top models and get a little bit of inspiration from their work, too.


I remember one funny story. I was booked for an EPICA shoes campaign and they asked the agency if I’m ok doing some dance moves. We confirmed that’s all good. The day after I had my fitting scheduled and the wardrobe stylist was asking, “Is the ballerina here? Where is the ballerina? Anyone saw the ballerina?”. I was in complete silence and relaxed since I was definitely not the ballerina. Poor stylist kept asking about “the ballerina” and at some point, he literally shouts, “Denisa Zarnescu, the ballerina, is here?” You had to see my face. From “few dance moves” to “ballerina” standard, my heart was already on pointe shoes. Luckily, the production team had already booked a professional ballerina for the ballerina’s legs close-ups. However, neither the stylist nor I knew that. Therefore, the situation was funny. Now you all know the truth… those were not my legs… J


My favorite model and a big inspo is Adriana Lima.


Regarding my personal clothing style, I tell you something: I’m always on high heels. It’s almost like a personal brand. I could match even a pajama with a pair of high heels.


My thoughts about social media… well, TikTok and Instagram are just marketing tools for me. And they do their job quite well. Same time could be dangerous for kids or young people because they are easier to manipulate. Parents should be aware of cyberbullying, social media addiction, misinformation and many other bad things.


Since there are many rumors related to life extension I’d might be interested in finding out how is to live forever. Hopefully they are integrating the beauty part to the project, too. My favorite superhero is Iron Man for being smart and full of sarcasm.


Model’s Style Description:
  • Dating: Playful.
  • Love: Romantic.
  • Sports: Athletics.
  • Your way to attract someone´s attention: Attitude.
  • Your way to have fun: Dance.
  • The places you usually go: It’s shopping time!
  • Your way to enjoy the best of life: Spending time with family and friends.
  • The craziest (nastiest?) thing you’ve ever done in a summer time season: I camped in a forest that was supposedly hunted.
  • Fav body part and why: I love my eyes because their green color is very rare. 2 percent of world’s population has green eyes.
  • Favorite singer: Shakira.
  • Fav food: Anything with beef or truffles.
  • Your guilty pleasure: Burger and doughnuts.
  • If you weren´t a model you´d be: Since I already got my diploma, a nuclear engineer.
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