There is nothing so sweet like achieving your goals! Oh no, this is a lie, there is something sweeter: Italian gelato!

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There is nothing so sweet like achieving your goals! Oh no, this is a lie, there is something sweeter: Italian gelato!

Hi, my name is Catalina, I’m from Drăgăşani, where the best Romanian wines are being produced. About me? Oh yes, I confess, I’m an OCD freak. My agents love it, my fellow models, only those who are not my room mates.. But, hey, if you keep the room clean, I am a friendly person, a very good listener and I guarantee the best jokes ever.

My modeling story might be inspiring for other girls… Since I was a kid, I was thinking to try to do something in this direction. However, you know: school, after school, extra school and school again. In the meantime, I gain some weight. I mean, not “some”. My sizes were considerable.  It came a moment when I really decided to solve the weight situation because it began to make me feel quite unhappy. I tried to be more careful with what I eat and started working out… but not like a pro… just to have more energy. And yes, my body started to react and to lose some inches. Then I decided to apply online on MUR models website. I was still insecure but well, what could have happened? The worse they would skip my profile. After few days they called me. What?! They invited me to their office for a casting. Say what, again?! And I went. They measured me, they took some casting photos of me, they told me all the information about modeling and they asked me if I agree to lose more weight. If I agree? This was my plan for months already. Thank God, I have not kept any old photos of me. They told me that they wouldn’t sign me until I get in a let’s say, a better shape for the industry. Done deal! I went at the agency, every month, just to be measured, because I wanted to convince them. There is no drama here. Every month I was traveling from Dragasani to Bucharest, 150 km. They didn’t ask for it. However, it kept me motivated. After few months of healthy diet, work out like a pro and maybe 4 or 5 “measurement” trips I got signed. After another few months, I was flying to Milan, for my first FW season. Well I’m proud of me. There is nothing so sweet like achieving your goals! Oh no, this is a lie, there is something sweeter: Italian gelato!

The best thing about modeling besides learning how to pose properly, how to move, how to express different feelings when you’re being asked, is that I learned how to deal with everyday life, being surrounded by models all over the world, learning all kinds of new things and finding myself in different circumstances.

Usually, the night before the shooting, I check the client’s website or Instagram account, I’m trying to understand their esthetics then I practice some poses and moves in front of the mirror. Then I sleep. Sleeping is very important for me. And jobs are always starting early in the morning.

A hilarious moment during my first job was that I had to pose in motion. After so many jumps, I was feeling so confident and I thought I should try something more… until I graciously felt.


My first catwalk was during Feeric Fashion Week and it was unforgettable! Waves of emotions and I was so focused and stiffed in backstage. However after my first steps on catwalk, I just got relaxed and simply felt that this is my world and here is where I belong.

My international debut was in Fabiana Filippi’s show during Milano Fashion Week. I’m so grateful for it.

Catwoman it’s definitely my fav superhero. She is fast, alert, she knows to approach every problem and how to solve it. However, if I can chose any super power I would like to read people’s minds. I already do it… but you know, I would like to be a pro.

Model’s Style Description

  • Dating: Sociable.
  • Love: Powerful.
  • Sports: I’m the winner.
  • Your way to attract someone’s attention: That’s a secret!
  • Your way to have fun: Evenings in model’s apartments should be live broadcasted. That’s real fun!
  • The places you usually go: Depending of bookings.
  • The way you enjoy the best of the life: It is what it is. Just keep being nice and do your job!
  • The craziest (nastiest?) thing you’ve ever done in a summer time season: After I partied until sunrise I went home, changed clothes and went jogging.
  • Fav body part and why: My eyes. Just look into my eyes and you’ll see why.
  • Favorite singer: Nicole Scherzinger
  • Fav food: Sushi
  • Your guilty pleasure: Pistachios with anything.
  • If you weren’t a model you’d be: Too bored for this world.
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