I spent my childhood wearing my mother’s high heels and posing in front of the mirror.

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I spent my childhood wearing my mother’s high heels and posing in front of the mirror.

Hi! I’m Bianca Maria, I live in Bucharest but I was born in Brasov, one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. Besides being in front of the camera, I am passionate about gym, good books and long walks whenever there is a sunny day.


I spent my childhood wearing my mother’s high heels and posing in front of the mirror. Luckily, my parents have been supportive with me during this process, so they were the first to say yes when I have been contacted by MUR models, even if I was only 15 years old.


My first test with MUR was an avalanche of emotions. I remember feeling as special as the entire team was watching me on set. Everyone around me gave me the confidence I needed to start a beautiful journey.


The connection with the photographer is very important in order to be able to obtain the desired result. If I know with whom I’m about to pose, I like to research their portfolio in order to get their artistic vision and direction. I can’t forget a series of shootings I did for a shoe rand. We were posing for days, hundreds of pairs of shoes. Luckily, we were the same team during the entire period so that at some point we were feeling familiar with one another. The photographer and I were naming the posings so that we could remember them and repeat them when needed, and we were inventing many weird names like “military pose” or “kick-your-ex pose” or “broken ankle pose” which of course only we could understand. At a certain point the client overheard the photographer saying, “Let’s do the broken ankle now”, and gave us the weirdest look ever.


The best fun I ever had was whenever I was shooting TVCs as the teams are numerous and you always find a fun group of people with whom you can spend your in between sets time and complain about the cold together. Once I was shooting a pizza commercial together with three actors and we were wearing pineapple costumes, as we represented the “pineapple from the pizza”. The funny thing was that one of the guys had no idea why he was wearing this costume, as he presented at the casting for a “Viking role” for which he was very excited about. We spent the whole day making fun of him.


Miranda Kerr has always been a big inspiration for me. Not only I identify my style with hers, but also she is the proof that stereotypes can be taken down when it comes to height in modeling.


I’m definitely having two moods when it comes to my choices in outfits. I can be both a fashionista and the sporty girl with huge hoodies, so I could easily fit as two different persons.


I think social media can be great but it’s often misused. It’s a great tool to be connected with people all around the world, which for models is even a bigger plus.

If I could have had a superpower, that would have been the ability to fly.


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