I think modeling is about being natural and never stop learning and training.

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I think modeling is about being natural and never stop learning and training.

Hi, my name is Benigna Sambo, but friends call me Beny. I am from Angola and I am studying accounting, taxation and auditing at the Petroleo-Gas University, in Romania.

My goal is to become one of the greatest African models and generate inspiration to many others African girls.


Few years ago a friend of mine asked me to be his model for a training photo shooting. It was a nice experience and I thought that I would actually like to do it again. One day, I got an Instagram message from the MUR scout. She invited me to a casting. And I went. That was the point of start to all of this.


At my first test shooting I was a bit nervous, but still in control. I was fascinated by the atmosphere and the people around me. I felt that I’m starting the greatest adventure of my life.


I think modeling is about being natural and never stop learning and training.


I always listen my favorite songs before going on set for shootings. I also like to talk with the photographer about what he want me to be like and how to move.

I definitely have some funny stories from backstage but what happens in backstage will always remain in backstage. There are also some backstage challenges for me such as getting the perfect foundation for my skin tone. However, all the make-up artists I worked with did their best. There is one more thing related to the fact I’m an afro model in a country with a majority of Caucasian models: I do well in bookings because I’m considered to be special. Therefore, I’m grateful for this.


I follow models like Maria Borges, Sharam Diniz, Adut Akech, Blesnya Minher, Winnie Harlow and Cebrena.


I am not what’s so called a fashionista.  I’m interested in fashion, of course. I follow models, designers, agencies, magazines. However, models go often to castings and fittings. Therefor we need to wear clothes that can be easily changed.


My super power? I think all of us have it but we just need to use it: trying to inspire others in a positive way.



Model’s Style description:
  • Dating: only with people who make me fell comfortable.
  • Love: The secret for the durability.
  • Sports: Necessary for well-being and fun at the same time.
  • Your way to attract someone´s attention: Smiling.
  • Your way to have fun: Dancing.
  • The places you usually go: Living far from my family I go visit them every time I get the chance
  • Your way to enjoy the best of life: Doing only what I love and makes me happy.
  • The craziest (nastiest?) thing you’ve ever done in a summer time season: Neah… nothing like this. Did I mention I’m studying accounting, taxation and auditing?
  • Fav body part and why: My face. I have my mom’s features.
  • Favorite singer: C4 Pedro, HER, Chris Brown, Giveon, Rema, etc.
  • Fav food: Codfish with cream.
  • Your guilty pleasure: Relaxing.
  • If you weren´t a model you´d be: An accountant.
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