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  • Model ID: MUR845003
  • Name : Simona
  • Division : MUR models
  • Height : 172
  • Chest : 82
  • Waist : 59
  • Hips : 89
  • Dress : XS
  • Shoe : 38
  • Hair : blonde
  • Eyes : blue

“I of course exercise before the shooting, it is very important, you always have to come up with something new, so you can develop yourself continuously, so you don’t remain at the same level.”


  1. Welcome to the MUR models family! It’s a great pleasure to have you here! Tell us about yourself, hometown and personal interests.

Hello! ️ My name is Simona and I was born in Romania. It would be a lot to say… basically there are two persons in one, I am very changeable, always wanting more because I get bored easily. Tend towards extreme, guided me after the motto of “All or Nothing”. I put my soul into my work so I can come out with great results and better than anyone. I’m full of energy, I’m not afraid of anything, nothing to me feels as good as laughing incredibly hard. I love being surrounded with a lot of people, to know new people, to socialize with them and laugh. I really love to communicate with everybody, to dream, that helps me a lot to imagine a bright and a brilliant future as the one I want. I love sports, singing and dancing. I’m also passionate about acting. Optimistic until the last-minute I live, And I’ve reached all my proposed goals so far. My friend’s find me “mystique” that’s why I want to stop here, otherwise this word will no longer have that profound sense in which I find myself.


  1. When and why did you decide to become a model? How did get discovered?

Since I was a kid, I used to love watching the super models of Victoria’s Secret, I used to admire them and I’ve always imagined that I am one of them, since that time, that was my dream and my goal, to be a model for the rest of the people, as they used to be for me. In 2015 I was discovered as a model when I went to a casting call in an agency from my city.


  1. Tell us about your first test shooting!

My first shooting, took place in a warm sunny day with a great, calm and patient team, in that day Valentina was present at that shooting, she’s the reason for me being here, and I want to thank her so much because she saw something special in me and she gave me the ability to be a model.

For the first shooting I had a simple look and I posed naturally in a way that I can express who I am.

And the results were great, the photographs were great too, it was a great day, I am happy!


  1. What’s the best thing about modeling for you so far?

Fashion is a deep passion of mine. To be a model, it takes more than just pretty face. I think modeling is an expressive art form and tells a story without words, you can show movement in a still picture, and I think that these things are the best.


  1. What do you like most when you work with a photographer? Do you have any special preparation before posing to a photographer? We are sure you might have some unusual/funny backstage stories. Share some of them with us!

The most impressive think that I like in a photographer is when I see the passion in his works and the simplicity that he wants in his photographers, less means always a lot more at the same time the way of explaining and involvement, you always have something to learn from each person. I of course exercise before the shooting, it is very important, you always have to come up with something new, so you can develop yourself continuously, so you don’t remain at the same level. Haha, for sure! One day I was at the agency with my father, and we took a seat, and with the manager of the agency, on the table in front of me,  and there was a cup of coffee on the table in front of me, and everything was random like in everyday, there was pictures of models on the table as usual and suddenly I spilled the coffee on the manger, it was somehow painful at the moment but after that we started to laugh together.


  1. Tell us about your experiences in catwalks/campaigns and also some cool/funny backstage. Which fashion designers you’ve already worked for? What do you think of when walking down the runway or posing on the set? What is the dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say? (lol)

In my career, I shot for Innocenti Sposa, Elysian and Different Style, the face of Gett’s Salons, OMRA, Calin Couture, Ludmila Corlateanu, MihHer, and many other. I had the opportunity to be featured on the cover of Gett’s highlights magazine, I am walked for Stephan Pelger, Studio Cabal, Ludmila Corlateanu, Simona Semen, OMRA, Catalin Botezatu and I also shot a TVC for Jacobs Kronung. When I walk on the runway I’m simply living my dream. When I am there, I am just always telling myself “Wow, I did it!” 

The dumbest think I’ve ever heard from a model was that “I don’t eat for days to keep the silhouette”.


  1. What are your fav male and female models that inspired you for pursuing a modeling career?

Chaning Tatum and Adriana Lima or Candice Swanepoel.


  1. Are you a fashionista? What do you like to wear when you are not working as a model?

Yes, I think I am. Usually I love to wear simple clothes but tasteful, and I’m always looking for everything new.


  1. What do you think about show business and also about social media?

Personally, I don’t like show business at all, because it does not attract me, but social media, oh, that’s my weakness, I’m addicted to Facebook and Instagram.


  1. If you could have a super power what would it be? Who’s your favorite superhero?

I guess I would be immortal, but not only me. I wanted everyone to be so. My favorite superhero? Well, my favorite superhero is Spiderman because he felt the danger and was always there to fix the situation.


  1. How do you describe your style, concerning:

➢ Dating – Charming and confident.

➢ Love – Forever alone.

➢ Sports – Active.

➢ Your way to attract someone´s attention – By the way of being alive.

➢ Your way to have fun – Positive attitude all times.

➢ The places you usually go – Cinema.

➢ Your way to enjoy the best of life – Curiosity and positive mind.

➢ The craziest (nastiest?) thing you’ve ever done in a summer time season – When I decided to attend the show TV Survivor.

➢ Fav body part and why – My abs because I am satisfied from the way they look.

➢ Favorite singer: Rihanna.

➢ Fav food: I think this would be a bit unusual, but I don’t have a certain fav food.

➢ Your guilty pleasure: To help people and to make them feel happy.

➢ If you weren´t a model you´d be – Business woman.