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  • Model ID: MUR377471
  • Name : Lorelai
  • Division : MUR models
  • Height : 174
  • Chest : 85
  • Waist : 58
  • Hips : 90
  • Dress : XS / 34
  • Shoe : 39
  • Hair : dark blonde
  • Eyes : green
When I work with a photographer I like how I change my style, my attitude, depending on what he wants from me in that shooting.  
  1. Welcome to the MUR models family! It’s a great pleasure to have you here! Tell us about yourself, hometown and personal interests.
Hi! My name’s Lorelai and I’m 23 years old. I’m Virgo. I am a complicated girl who loves fashion, arts, good music and also travelling… a lot. I always get what I want, no matter when. I know that good things take time. I’m ambitious, I never give up. I am from Targoviste, a city near Bucharest. Targoviste was the capital of Valahia in old times, and the real castle of Dracula - by his real name was Vlad Tepes. My interest is to never grow old, and work as a model many years from now.  
  1. When and why did you decide to become a model? How did get discovered?
I think I always wanted to become a model.  Since I was 3 years old, according to my parents, scroll through house in step of fashion and always posing differently.  Was my inner voice who told me what I have to do.  I started at 11 years old, with an agency,  learning how to really walk on the catwalk and how to pose. Those things helped me and prepared me for the 2010 year when I was selected to compete in a quite important beauty pageant.  
  1. Tell us about your first test shooting!
My first test shooting was at 11 years old. I was very excited because I didn’t know If I can handle. I always liked to pose so in the end everything was very nice.  After that I knew this is what I want to do but I have to work for that.  
  1. What’s the best thing about modeling for you so far?
For me the best thing about modeling is that you can inspire others. Your attitude is everything.  By your attitude, for example, you can make others see the beauty of ugly if you show confidence. The point is modeling makes you show your feelings by attitude. Also, you meet many people, you can travel and working in the same time.  Modeling is it art in a different way.  
  1. What do you like most when you work with a photographer? Do you have any special preparation before posing to a photographer? We are sure you might have some unusual/funny backstage stories. Share some of them with us!
I think every photographer has a different style, a different way to see the good in you. So, when I work with a photographer I like how I change my style, my attitude, depending on what he wants from me in that shooting. I don’t have any special preparation before posing.  
  1. Tell us about your experiences in catwalks/campaigns and also some cool/funny backstage. Which fashion designers you’ve already worked for? What do you think of when walking down the runway or posing on the set? What is the dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say? (lol)
I have many catwalk shows but everyone is unique. I walked for Walid Atallah, Nausica Mode, Cristiana Maria Purdescu, Ludmila Corlateanu, Studio Cabal, Simona Semen, OMRA and many others.  
  1. What are your fav male and female models that inspired you for pursuing a modeling career?
My favorite female model is Andreea Diaconu. Also, I like Heidi Klum.  
  1. Are you a fashionista? What do you like to wear when you are not working as a model?
 Yes, I like to think I am. When I’m not working as a model I like to wear casual but also sporty clothes. I like to feel comfortable but also keep me in trends.  
  1. What do you think about show business and also about social media?
Social media is good if you have to promote you. Everything should be used with moderation.  
  1. If you could have a super power what would it be? Who’s your favorite superhero?
If I could have a super power that should be teleportation. I can be anywhere and everywhere and I can fulfill my childhood dream of "visiting every country in the world" And also because I never have enough time for the things I want to do. So, this would be more than perfect. :) I have two favorites superheroes and they are my mom and dad.  
  1. How do you describe your style, concerning:
  • Dating – Silence J
  • Love – Silentio J
  • Sports – jogging
  • Your way to attract someone´s attention – It’s all in the body language, firstly with a perfect smile and then with a nice Hello.
  • Your way to have fun - visiting, exploring, taking pictures, spending time with my friends or family.
  • The places you usually go – photo studios J
  • Your way to enjoy the best of life – keep dreaming
  • The craziest (nastiest?) thing you’ve ever done in a summer time season – well… neah, I won’t tell you! J
  • Fav body part and why – Eyes, because they are the mirror of the soul :)
  • Favorite singer: Beyoncé
  • Fav food: Paella, is a traditional Spanish dish; and also, I love salads
  • Your guilty pleasure: chocolate candies
  • If you weren´t a model you´d be - a traveler; or a business woman